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AGUASEGURAS LLC was founded to train, coach, and certify lifeguards for any and every water environment as well as to assist and empower the whole community and professionals to proceed in an emergency, disaster, and/or rescue event all over the world. Having its head offices in California, USA, AGUASEGURAS LLC offers access to the main certifications and training courses that are supported by the constant updating of resources and training techniques. Being an institution for international certification, AGUASEGURAS` mission is to prevent death from drowning all over the world. Keeping to this principle AGUASEGURAS has developed a fundamental training program consisting of a variety of courses addressed to lifeguards who are trained with the latest content and didactics based on solid scientific grounds enabling them to become key players in the water environment emergency. Our courses are intended for those who wish or need to learn, train, improve, master, and certify aquatic rescue techniques and strategies, CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), first aid, and the proper use of AED (Automated External Defibrillator). The purpose of this fundamental international training program led by AGUASEGURAS LLC is to get the students ready to act in situations related to first assistance in an emergency, mainly for lifeguards. Since AGUASEGURAS LLC is committed to reducing death and damage from drowning, heart disease, stroke, sudden health events, and trauma in the community, the fundamental program also includes courses for the public. The early acknowledgment of signs and symptoms of sudden diseases, the steps to follow in said situations, how to proceed in a traumatic scenario, and preventive measures, in general, are the basics a responsible community should have. More than 25 years of teaching and proceeding in the real field of emergencies account for AGUASEGURAS LLC’s outstanding academic reputation. We are convinced that the first concept leading to efficiency is PREVENTION, and this means TO BE READY. Have you ever wondered how many deaths can be avoided? That`s why we look ahead and work strictly to eradicate situations where either the failure to respond or improvisation would take more lives.

By the end of a course certified by AGUASEGURAS LLC, you will realize you have made the best investment ever. Reading is always a good activity. In this case, it can save a life.

Our community is made up of a network of Approved Training   Centers – ATC – enabling people to join top-quality courses led by certified instructors.

The Approved Training Centers, instructors, and students associated with AGUASEGURAS LLC have access to a variety of benefits according to the category chosen and their needs.

An AGUASEGURAS LLC Instructor will lead and partner with your training throughout the entire learning process.

The actors in AGUASEGURAS LLC courses are:

  • ATC: Approved Training Centers
  • ATC Instructors
  • Participants who take part in the course

The ATCs are responsible for teaching AGUASEGURAS LLC courses through their instructors who adhere to their policies and procedures to ensure a successful learning experience for every participant. This course is carried out by an international training center whose status can be verified by contacting AGUASEGURAS LLC at

Logo: (ATC: Approved Training Centers)

Logo: Verification Number – AGUASEGURAS  LLC – CA, USA

AGUASEGURAS LLC training program has online school support. (

To reach the entire world we offer high quality flexible and accessible courses in 3 different formats:

  1. Traditional: fully in-person, with PPT presentations or videos, and practice sessions.
  2. Blended: In general, most courses have an online component and in-person classes (theory & practice) arranged with an AGUASEGURAS LLC Instructor.
  3. Skill-remote: these courses have an online component ( plus a videoconference on Meet or Zoom, with the camera and microphone on to be able to interact with the students and watch, adjust, and assess the skills to guarantee the student`s performance.

According to the course, the student shall

  • Exercise physical and technical skills including swimming, adapted swimming, techniques, and strategies for water rescue.
  • Exercise rescue skills with and without rescue materials.
  • Exercise simulation skills with CPR manikins.
  • Exercise simulation skills with CPR manikins and training AED.
  • Exercise First Aids techniques.
  • Undergo practical sessions to be assessed by the instructors on the different skills.
  • Take a multiple-choice test on the school platform or in paper if the student has chosen the traditional modality.


Certification ensures that all the standards have been met, guaranteeing the course’s quality, its content, and the instructors.

Every training center is rigorously selected and supervised; the course materials comply with international criteria and standards, and scientific evidence as well.

Considering the teaching-learning process, the assessment of each course aims to lead, attend, and strengthen the concepts learned during the development of each specific program.

Excellence in training is a distinctive hallmark of AGUASEGURAS LLC. 

Having finished the course and passed the corresponding exams (theory & practice) the student obtains his/her online certificate and professional ID.