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According to WHO, 360,000 people die every year due to incidents related to unintentional submersion. This organization defines “drowning” as follows: “Drowning is the process of experiencing respiratory impairment from submersion/immersion in liquid.” Preventive measures can reduce the incidence of drowning. This can be achieved by foreseeing the events, assessing potential risks, and taking the necessary steps.


The importance of continuing education and training on prevention and surveillance methods, swimming, water rescue techniques, first aids, and CPR has been scientifically proven since they cooperate to critically reduce death resulting from both accidents and sudden diseases. Aguaseguras provides a series of training programs to reach efficiency, to train, to acquire new knowledge and reinforce what you already know intending to achieve an outstanding performance in these situations.


Our online multiplatform school has all the necessary resources to enable the trainee to get, reinforce and update knowledge as well as to develop a top quality learning process in Lifeguarding. We offer different level programs on Lifeguarding and Water Rescue with scientific support. Our instructors are professional lifeguards with proven experience since they have acted in several real emergencies over the last 20 years.


We provide services to create safe water environments as well as to train the personnel who will take care of the users attending those facilities, sea or river beaches, lakes, swimming pools, aquatic parks, etc. We also know that safety does not occur alone. Specific actions are needed to achieve it. We are convinced that the best rescue is that which never occurred. This can only be achieved by a sound prevention foreseeing events, assessing potential risks and taking the necessary steps.


Water Lifesaving Instructor Certification comprises much more than content, strategies and the update of skills necessary to coach personnel to act in emergencies, lifesaving and water rescues. Update your membership and be able to use AS learning platform, resources and backup counseling. Certify through AS at a low cost.  We provide essential support to those who interact with  situations related to the emergency, lifesaving and rescue facts either in or out of the water, and are willing to teach others how to prevent accidents or actively take part in rescue events.  


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