Aguaseguras was formed to assist the community in drowning prevention and to train and certify professional lifeguards worldwide to act efficiently in the complex task of water emergencies that may occur either in natural environments or aquatic facilities.

With the head office in Vista, San Diego, USA, Aguaseguras International Lifesaving offers his members access to the main certifications and training programs, with updated materials and training techniques.
Aguaseguras Certification Programs

Aguaseguras verified certifications offer top quality programs, contents and instructors. Every training center is undergoes a thorough examination in order to be selected. The training material is obtained from the best international institutions. The requirements for passing AS courses are consistent to their corresponding programs and they are a real learning  source for the trainees who will be able to assess themselves and measure to which extent they have acquired the basic contents in every training stage. Excellence in training is Aguaseguras hallmark.

It stands in our logo and in every certificate in the form of a golden medal where it is read:
“100% Quality Lifeguarding & Water Safety”