The best rescue is that which never occurred. You can achieve this by anticipating to the facts, assessing possible risks, and taking the necessary steps.


We offer a set of valuable general tips to be safe and offer safety when you are in a water environment.

Water Sports

You must be prepared in order to practice water sports safely. There are many ways to get ready.


Those who live or work near a water area always exposed to floods although these might be minor. 

Help in a Water Emergency

It is always safer to swim in a place watched by lifeguards, but if you happen to be in a place with no surveillance like a home pool, you must foresee any emergency and be ready to avoid it.

Firsts Aids

Immediate, temporal and limited assistance given to an individual before an injury, accident or chronic disease. First Aids can be delivered to oneself, to a family member, to a friend, or to anybody in need of them.


Unfortunate incidents that happen unexpectedly and unintentionally causing alterations in the body which may result in physical or mental damage or injury leading to a severe clinical condition.